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Don't Let Kids Drink Too Much Milk, This Is the Risk

Milk consumption is indeed needed by Little to support its growth. However, milk must be given in sufficient quantities. Drinking too much milk can actually cause health problems in children. The benefits of milk are important as a source of calcium, protein, fat, and various vitamins for children's growth and development. Even so, milk does not contain iron or fiber. It should be noted also, milk contains high calories, so the amount of intake needs to be considered. Risk of Health Disorders in Children due to Drinking Too Much Milk Children aged 1-8 years at least need to drink 250 ml of milk per day and should be no more than 500 ml per day or the equivalent of 2 small glasses. Drinking milk or its processed products (cheese, yogurt) excessively causes health problems, such as: Difficult bowel movements or constipation Milk does not contain fiber, so consuming it excessively can trigger your child to have difficulty defecating or constipation. In addition, children who d
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Pubic Hair Function and How to Take Care of it

Pubic hair is hair that grows around the sex organs. This hair starts the body when entering puberty, and has an important function for the health of intimate organs. Pubic hair, like hair on the armpits, mustache, and beard, will generally begin to grow when someone enters puberty. Hair in this area is considered a sign of physical maturity. However, not many people know that pubic hair actually has an important function in maintaining intimate organs. Pubic Hair Function There are various functions of pubic hair. The following are some of them: Prevents skin irritation of sex organs One of the functions of pubic hair is to reduce the risk of skin irritation from intimate organs due to friction of underwear with skin directly. In addition, the presence of pubic hair is also considered able to reduce the occurrence of skin irritation in the intimate organs during intercourse. Because it can be a cushion that prevents friction between skin and skin. Protect sex organs from harm

Liposuction, Here's What You Need to Know

Liposuction is a surgical procedure performed to remove unwanted body fat. Liposuction is generally used to maintain body shape, but sometimes it is also done to treat certain health conditions. The requirement to do liposuction is a person must have an ideal body weight or approximately 30 percent of ideal body weight. In addition, someone who wants to do liposuction must also have tight and elastic skin, and not smoke. Indications Liposuction Liposuction can be performed to reduce the buildup of fat embedded under the skin, and is useful for: Improve body shape, by eliminating piles of fat that cannot be lost by regulating diet and exercise. Cosmetic reasons, for example, want to eliminate double chin or pile of fat in the stomach. Improve sexual function, by reducing the accumulation of fat in the inner thighs, making it easier to access the vagina. In addition, liposuction can also be used to treat several conditions, such as: Axillary bromhidrosis. The emergence of